Cuttin Class Continuing Education

Patsy Croy, Owner

Hi! I am Patsy Croy, proprietor for Cuttin' Class Continuing Education.  I received my Cosmetology Certificate from Lake Land College in 1984 and completed the Cosmetology Teacher’s Certificate in 1989 and have been active in bothfields since receiving each certificate.   I am an approved sponsor of continuing education for cosmetologists, cosmetology teachers, nail technicians, nail technician teachers, estheticians and esthetician teachersby the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.   As owner and operator of my own salon, I discovered the need for continuing education and felt that I could contribute through my experiences.  I started writing courses and after years of submitting them to the state and gaining approvals for each I began Cuttin' ClassTo keep up my skills and continue to learn new techniques, I have served as part-time/substitute instructor for cosmetology students at Lake Land College for the past 11 years.  Cuttin' Class also sponsors shows and seminars giving me the opportunity to be an active platform artist.  Cuttin' Class will do everything possible to help you with your continuing education needs.

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